Death Of Children In Hot Cars Can Be Prevented

It is both shocking and saddening that some 464 heat related child deaths could have been prevented in the past 12 years since such infant and child deaths have started to be tracked.

baby in carAs many as 19 children have died this year due to being in very hot cars and as many as 7 have been in the week of June 13, according to Jan Null, an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University. 30 to 40 such deaths occur each year, which can be prevented, say researchers.

These deaths occur either because a child was left in the car by a parent who forgot about it while running errands or because a child climbed into a car while playing.

In a recent case, a toddler from Phoenix died due to being left in the car for two hours while the temperature outside reached 108 degrees. The father was running errands and returned to find his child dead. Some parents simply forget that they have a child in the back, who fall asleep.

It is important never to leave a child in a locked car, because temperatures inside can become very high and even opening the windows has no cooling impact.


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