Dealing With Common Baby Eczema

baby eczemaAt some point your baby is very likely to suffer with eczema, this can be easily treated by a myriad of creams available at your local pharmacy. [Baby Eczema]

There is no actual cure for eczema, which is the inflammation of the skin usually caused by dryness that has become cracked which in turn is then inflamed.

Certain precautions can be taken to try and avoid it by using specific soaps and lotions designed for babies.

Use only natural fabrics such as cotton on your baby’s skin and keep rooms at an even temperature.

Animals and pets are often not a great mix, so keep all pets away from your child’s bedroom and other places where they spend a lot of time. Regular cleaning away of cat or dog hair is also recommended.

You may find that your baby is quite badly affected and in this case complete emollient therapy will be required. There are several product ranges to choose from often recommended by experienced dermatologist. There are bath oils and creams for washing baby.

On more rare instances of eczema a knock on reaction can occur related to the child’s immune system, this is often known as a flare-up. The skin will become extremely inflamed and very itchy.

This is sometimes associated with allergic reactions for example hay fever or asthma and is referred to as ‘atopic’.

The main thing to avoid with these types of skin conditions is it becoming infected, so maintain high levels of hygiene including regular hand washing for everyone in direct contact with your baby.


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