Deal With Newborn Rash Fast With These Home Remedies

A newborn rash is very easy to take care of with some simple home remedies. Common symptoms of a newborn rash include drooling rashes, acne, flaking skin, diaper rash, and dry skin as a result of an allergy.

newborn rashThere are a variety of home remedies you can use to alleviate newborn rash. Luckily you don’t need to immediately rush to the hospital when your baby develops newborn diaper rash since you can make use of these home remedies:

  • Avoid the use of diapers whenever possible, as this is a top factor for newborn rash. A diaper creates the perfect environment for breeding ground of bacteria, and also holds the feces and urine against your baby’s skin for a period of time enough to irritate it. You can minimize mess by placing your baby on a rubber mat covered by a washable cloth when they are at home.
  • Whenever you need to clean your infant’s bottom, the use of a little simple mild soap and washcloth has been proven effective in preventing newborn rash as opposed to the use of commercial baby wipes which are loaded with alcohol and other ingredients that can irritate their sensitive skin.
  • Be sure to stick with products designed for baby use. Newborn rash can be caused by ingredients found in items meant for adult use, so be sure to double check everything that you use.
  • Whenever you are cleaning your baby, remember that they have sensitive skin and you may be rubbing them dry too hard. This can cause skin irritations due to the friction caused by the towel against their skin. Gentle patting throughout the body, instead of rubbing, will greatly help in alleviating any skin problems.
  • If your baby is suffering from a newborn rash caused by the heat, giving them a gentle bath in cold water will help decrease the pain. You can also add some fine-ground oatmeal powder into some lukewarm water, which has been proven to treat itchiness. Be sure to stir the powder until fully dissolved.
  • When the weather becomes too hot and humid, protect your baby from acquiring a newborn rash by dressing them in light and airy clothing, allowing the skin to breathe freely.
  • Newborn rashes that are characterized by itching can be cured through the use of the aloe vera plant. It has long been recognized to have many significant benefits for good, healthy skin, and can also be used for your baby’s newborn rash. Apply small amounts of the meat found inside the plant on the affected area a few times daily for a great home remedy.

Some simple steps you can do at home will go a long way in helping to prevent or cure your baby’s newborn rash. Their skin is very sensitive, and may react to things at different times, so precaution is always the best thing to do when it comes to taking care of babies.


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