Create A Happy Child With Healthy And Consistent Bedtime Routines

Happy BabyBedtime routines and rituals are very important to make a happy child.

It helps to establish positive sleep patterns and in developing a sense of security and stability in your child.

Consistent bedtimes make a happy child.

Choose a bedtime that is reasonable for your child and which you can constantly provide.

How to set bedtime routine to make a happy child?

  • Integrate the activities which provide a calming effect on your child into their bedtime preparatory routine.
  • To make a happy child, keep the routines short and sweet.
  • The routine should be logically only consist of four to five steps. These steps cloud be completed in a reasonable time frame, not drawn out into hours on end each night.
  • Before going to bed, read a favorite book each night, brush the teeth, have a glass of water and say goodnight.
  • Don’t make any changes in the usual bedtime. Keep in mind that each step can be shortened significantly in order to prevent long frustrations at a time when everyone is tired.

Benefits of good bedtime routine:

  • Healthy bedtime routine can provide predictability and comforting.
  • A good bedtime routine will help your child to calm down, relax and get ready to sleep.
  • Regular rituals can make your young child calm and soothe to perform each night routinely.

Quality and length of your baby’s naps affects his nighttime sleep. If your child naps too lately in the day, obviously it affects his nighttime sleep. Get your happy child down for a nap as soon as you see his sleepy signals.

Those sleepy signals are quieting down, losing interest in people and toys, rubbing eyes, fussing, yawning, or decreasing activity.

Once you have studied your child’s biological clock and watch for the signals carefully and consistently for a week or so, this routine acts like a wind to develop a solid napping schedule that will be easy for you both to follow.

Consistency is the key to make a happy child. You have to know the things when to get your child down for a nap. Developing consistent nap routine is equally important.

As you perform the routine before bedtime, you should also have to perform it before naptime. This consistency makes a happy child.

Playing quite music before naptime or bedtime makes a happy child and it allows him to sleep. Follow the routine faithfully everyday to make happy child.


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