Common Problems Of Childhood

baby cryingNo matter how well you care for your baby there will be medical problems that will arise through no fault of your own.

Knowing what to expect and how to care for any of these problems will assuage your worry and fear.


Colic is not really a condition; it is merely the word that is used for an otherwise healthy baby that cries for long periods of time in excess and is inconsolable.

It is the one thing that every parent fears because of the helpless feeling they have during episodes.

No one really understands what causes colic but getting a colicky baby to calm down is one of the hardest tasks a parent will face [Infant Colic]. You can try using white noise like a soothing CD, the noise from a vacuum cleaner or place the baby in the car and hit the road.


Some babies produce firm, pebble-like and dry poop. They may cry as it comes out or as they try and get it out.

You can give your baby lots of water to see if that works and if not you can speak with your child health care provider for other solutions. They may suggest an over the counter stool softener or suppositories if the problem is really severe.

Diaper Rash

One of the most familiar conditions, diaper rash is when there is an irritation, bumps or spots on the baby’s diaper area. It can be from food or beverage that the baby consumed or it can be a sensitivity to the diaper you are using.

Though it looks painful and angry, it is not a life threatening condition and there are plenty of remedies that can be used to treat it.


Gassy babies are almost stereotypical. Symptoms that may be linked with infant gas are excessive belching or burping, flatulence or passing gas, abdominal cramps or pain and a bloated or distended belly.

There are a few reasons that babies get gas such as swallowing air which is most common, normal acid in stomach digestion, food or milk that doesn’t completely breakdown because of a digestive system that is still immature and often particular foods like vegetables.

Your baby will have a variety of ailments throughout childhood and most of them will not be life threatening. They may scare a new parent, irritate or annoy both parents and baby, but all of you will come through infanthood without any serious after effects.


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