Bronchiolitis in Infants Symptoms – Get the Facts

Before thinking about the bronchiolitis in infants symptoms you should know that this is a common respiratory tract illness that affects the bronchioles.

These are small airways that lead to the lungs. They become inflamed and they swell not to mention that they get filled with mucus so it becomes difficult to breathe.


Symptoms of infants’ bronchiolitis

In the majority of the cases the first symptoms are something like the symptoms of a common cold. These include a runny nose, stiffness, mild fever and mild cough. Usually they last for a day or two and then the cough gets worse and there will be wheezing.

Respiratory difficulties

You also have to think about these when thinking about the bronchiolitis symptoms in infants. The difficulties are characterized by shallow and rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, retractions, flaring of the baby’s nostrils, irritability, problems with sleeping and lethargy or fatigue.


In case you are thinking about the bronchiolitis in infants symptoms, it is also common for children to have a poor appetite and to have feeding problems. It is possible that the little one will become dehydrated. Sometimes the coughing can lead to vomiting.


Although it isn’t part of the common symptoms of bronchiolitis in infants, it is possible for the breathing of the baby to stop for a little while. This usually happens in case of premature babies. This symptom is known as apnea and it occurs before the other symptoms appear.

Severe cases

If you are interested in the bronchiolitis in infants symptoms, keep in mind that in severe cases the symptoms can get worse very fast. When the baby is affected, he or she could get tired because of the movement of breathing, since the small airways are clogged by mucus.

In case of the signs of bronchiolitis in infants, the skin could turn blue, especially around the nails and lips. Because of the hard work of breathing, the baby could get dehydrated. The same result can also be caused by the vomiting or because the baby doesn’t have enough fluids during the feedings because of the lack of appetite.

Now you know all about the bronchiolitis in infants symptoms and you should keep an eye out for them if you think that the baby has a cold because it is possible that you are facing more than just a simple cold and that there could be complications because of the illness.


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