Bigger Babies Not Always Healthier

overweight newbornIt is a common misconception that big babies are the most healthy and happy offspring that a woman should produce.

A recent study in Australia suggests that actually, the opposite is the case and a heavier birth weight can have increased risks for both the mother and her child.

The decline in women smoking during their nine month gestation has meant that the resulting small baby weights, is now in decline.

The weight that a woman gains during her pregnancy is something that will also now be looked into. A trend has been noticed that shows this causes a variety of problems.

A study carried out by Ruth Hadfield has uncovered evidence that big babies have an increased risk from diabetes and cancer. The doctor, based at the University of Sydney, also concluded that the risk from injury during the birth process is a significant concern.

The survey published in the Australian Medical Journal looked at a sixteen year period and found a 10% increase in baby boys weighing in at more than 4kg. For girls this figure was even higher.

The fact that many women were waiting until much later in life to have babies, was another contributor. However, a lot more research would be required to get the whole picture and for an appropriate approach to be agreed.

A rise in women, suffering from gestational diabetes, and consequently having much bigger boys or girls, also need to be examined. Obviously, a bundle of joy is not quite what it used to be.


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