Top Ways to Babyproof your Kitchen and Ensure Safety

Most families spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen. A kitchen can easily be considered as the heart of the house. But when the baby arrives, it is important to keep the baby away from certain things in the kitchen which may be hazardous or unsafe. It is a good idea to babyproof your kitchen to ensure the safety of your baby. There are many ways to babyproof the kitchen and the following are the best ones:

ways to babyproof your kitchen and ensure safety

  • The first thing to do is to keep all products like detergents, pesticides, cleaning products and other toxic products locked up, preferably in a cabinet which is up at a height. It is a good idea to completely switch to non hazardous products like chlorine bleach to safer items like vinegar for cleaning.
  • Consider buying all kitchen products that come in child-resistant caps because once kids start crawling or walking, they will want to reach out for bottles and cans etc and may end up opening and spilling them.
  • Store all pointed or sharp products like knives, folks, chopping equipments and others away from the reach of the baby, preferably in cupboards and drawers. Even graters and peelers must be kept away from the reach of babies.
  • All kinds of glassware and chinaware should also be kept in locked cupboards, preferably that are on a certain height which babies can’t reach.
  • All electrical appliances must always be unplugged when not in use and should be kept away when there is no requirement since babies can put in their hand and may hurt themselves.
  • Consider buying drawer and cupboard clasps and babyproofing units to prevent babies from opening them. Babies love pulling out drawers and may end up hurting their fingers if this kind of babyproofing is not done.
  • Never leave beverages lying around in glasses or glass jars when the baby is around. Always keep them at a secure location where the baby can’t reach.
  • Always turn of the burners and stoves after use and try to use the back side ones for ensuring high safety.
  • Put latches on oven doors, refrigerator doors and microwaves to prevent the baby from opening them.
  • Always keep the dishwasher and trash box closed to prevent the baby from putting his/her hand in and reaching out to items inside.


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