Oral Care Tips and Products for Your Baby

You may think that toothless baby can wait for a bit until you need to start paying attention to oral and dental hygiene, but you would be wrong if you thought so. It is not necessary for a baby to cut teeth before this part of personal hygiene starts.

How to clean your new born baby’s mouth

A simple thing to do is this: when you give your baby a sponge or a bath, keep a clean and sanitized bit of cloth or gauze handy. You can dampen this and wrap it around one finger. Then insert this cloth coated finger into the baby’s mouth and gently clean along the gums as well as the interior of the mouth.


Make sure that the wash cloth that you use is properly sanitized; washing in very hot water will help disinfect that cloth, so that you’re not putting any germs into baby’s mouth while cleaning.

What to do when the teeth start to come in

You can continue using the above method of oral hygiene even after the first little teeth appear, at least for a while. You can then introduce your baby to Mr. Toothbrush. To begin with, don’t use any toothpaste, the taste may be unfamiliar and offensive to baby, and may put her off the whole idea of brushing.

You can pick one of a plethora of baby toothbrushes and other products; something that your baby will find attractive. To begin with all the baby may want to do is chew at the toothbrush – this is not a bad idea because it will soothe your baby’s swollen and tender gums and will also do some amount of cleaning in the bargain. Slowly introduce very small amounts of baby toothpaste if she is amenable to the idea.

Baby’s first toothbrush and other products

Pick toothbrushes with only the softest and gentlest of bristles to avoid causing any laceration to the gums. An electric toothbrush may fascinate an older child, but for your infant, use a regular baby toothbrush, that comes in attractive hues and animal shapes, fruit shapes and so on.

For teethers, use gel or water-filled types that babies seem to enjoy a lot. Even those made from the softer silicon may be a better idea than those made from hard plastic or rigid rubber.

And finally don’t overlook the all important visit to the dentist so that they can confirm that your baby enjoys good oral and dental health. They may suggest modifications to your oral health care routine if required.


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