The Importance of Baby Medical Checkups

In the first year of the newborn’s life a monthly visit to the doctor is a must. The medical check-ups are extremely important, because your baby will be vaccinated with the vaccines important for its age.

The so called child consultation is also very important because during it, your baby is observed by a specialist.

Baby Check upsA regular check-up for a newborn includes measuring the height and weight of the child, in order to trace the anthropometric data (whether the child is developing normally or not).

The specialists are providing an assessment of mental development of the baby, so do not worry if your doctor questions whether the child is smiling, cooing and whether it is trying to grab your hand.

The check-ups monitor the skills of the baby according to its age. Doctors pay a particular attention to the size and the circumference of the head. It shows the increasing of the brain.

In the first six months of birth, circumference of the head and the chest are measured monthly, and then re-measured every nine months and once a year.

Till the age of one year, the child must be examined by an ophthalmologist, in case of a problem with the eyes – tearing, redness, discharge from bond, “antics” of the eyes, white pupils, or if they look bigger than normal.

During the first year of the child the doctors are doing ear and throat checkups. These are important to make an overall assessment of the child’s hearing.

Actually the first medical check-ups of your child will be done seconds after its birth. The doctors will check the color of his skin, its reflexes, its breathing and heart beat. Don’t forget to choose a specialist, who will help you in the first months of your baby’s life.


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