Baby Massage – A Good Exercise To Relax And Make Your Baby Strong!

Baby MassageBaby massage is an ancient practice that is still practiced all over the world.

The newborns will show more weight gain, healthy growth and thrive better due to massage.

Baby massage with almond oil: This involves the Ayurvedic method of baby massage.

The massage is done by dipping the soft wheat dough ball in almond oil and by addition of turmeric. This method is done for first six days, before bath. It helps in toxin expulsion, circulation is enhanced and the baby’s digestive system is aided.

From seventh day onwards baby massages with dough ball is started and is continued for three weeks.

Massage with hands starts at the age of one month. It is done for three months. All the time is spent in massaging back, waist, neck, hands, feet and spine. These parts help in giving support to the body.

Generally daily body massage is done when the baby lifts its head and supports the body on arms. It is continued for 18 months. Massage of spine is continued. Daily massaging helps in making the child happy and strong.

Techniques used in massaging: Undress the baby and see that the room temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit (warm). Apply some cream to your hands that makes warm and soft by rubbing them together. Massaging starts from head to the toes.

Step by step massaging:

The head:

  • Touch the temples, fore head and the base of the cranium
  • Eye lids and eye brows
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • the surrounding area, the mouth and ears


  • The neck’s frontal part gently.
  • By small strokes massage the shoulders and the posterior part of the neck.
  • Put two hands on the shoulders.
  • Caress the chest from neck to the shoulders

Shoulders and arms:

With thumb and fingers form a ring around the arm-pit. Caress the armpit. Careful at the elbow, as it is sensitive region. At the wrists do the turning moments.

Stomach: Stomach should be massaged in a circular way except the genital area. Carefully massage the abdomen with hands. This is done below the ribs by moving in clock-wise direction.

Legs: Massage the legs carefully by pressing the thighs gently.

Heels and feet: Massaging the foot makes the baby to relax well. Put a soft pressure on the toe and then feet and return again to the toe. Stomach pain is reduced by foot massaging. Massage the heels in a circular way.

Back: Massage the neck, head, legs and back by turning baby back. Soft strokes on the back and shoulders should be made by massaging in circular way with fingertips. Put your hands on the spinal cord so that the baby can feel warm and do not massage it.

When you reach the feet once again start from the top. Finish massaging from head to the toes with slow and soft movements.

So, you can do baby massage easily by following these techniques.


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