Baby Fat – Cute Or Cause For Worry?

Chubby babies are understood to be the epitome of good baby health by many; however now we know that the chubby baby is not necessarily the healthiest of babies. The overweight toddler and chubbiness even as early as three or four years of age is a predictor for future obesity.

A child that gains weight rather rapidly for his or her age and outstrips the expectations of the growth chart should not be a source of satisfaction and delight for the parents.  Rather it should give them pause to look at why their child is gaining weight more rapidly than he or she needs to.

baby fatAnd it need not even be a visibly overweight child that may be a cause of worry.

Even for a child who appears rather big for their age, parents ought to consult the growth chart to see if the weight gain trajectory is normal or above it.

It could be that small dietary changes could make the difference to a baby now that will stand the baby in good stead later in life, and save your precious one from a lifetime of battling obesity and consequent problems. Even for your toddler, it is important not to underestimate his or her weight.

Source: CNN


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