Are There Any Dangers Of Baby Oil?

baby oilBaby oil smells nice and is very soothing for your baby.

But who would ever figure that such an old-time product made for babies can injure and will even lead to death if it’s severe?

Baby oil contains approximately 100% mineral oil that can lead to many side effects.

Initially, all the mineral oils are made from petroleum ingredients. It is produced from crude oil and crude oil is used as metal cutting liquid.

It covers the skin like plastic wrapper. Sometimes mineral oil can lead to acne and various other skin diseases. It slows down the development of cells and causes premature aging of the skin.

One of the major significant malicious effects from mineral oil is that it blocks the skin pores of the one who apply it. It suffocates the skin from breathing naturally and prevents natural discharge of toxins from the skin.

Skin is one of the greatest pollutants and toxic eliminating organs throughout the whole body, so it can lead to serious health problem for babies when their skins are suffocated.

The other problem with mineral oil for babies is that it will lead to vitamin deficiencies. The oil is absorbed into the baby’s sensitive skin and it will be processed by the liver and then the nutrients become bound by the oil, thus blocking the absorption of nutrients.

If the baby oil is ingested by an infant then it can cause vomiting and if it is inhaled into the lungs, it can lead to lung inflammation.

Instead of using mineral oil, it is better to use natural vegetable oil. It works far better and is completely safe for your baby.


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