An Argument in Favor of Inoculations

From time to time we hear various cautionary tales about the supposed ill effects of vaccines and how the routine inoculations are just a ruse concocted by big pharma to sell their products and so on. It can be confusing for parents who just want what is best for their little baby; wondering whether they should or shouldn’t be inoculating their child.

baby vaccinesIf a parent is wondering whether or not inoculations should be administered to their babies, consider the following facts–

  • Vaccinations have eliminated Small Pox, so while we parents still mark the peculiar mark of the vaccine, are children not required to undergo the same painful experience any more?
  • Polio is almost eradicated from the world.
  • With vaccinations, the incidences of bacterial meningitis and other killer diseases in children have been so significantly reduced, particularly in the developed world that their efficacy cannot be doubted.
  • Vaccines are based on very sound principles – there is the administration of an antigen which is a small fixed amount of the pathogen introduced into the system – this is what then causes an immune response to the pathogen to be generated inside the system.
  • We also know that certain vaccine controversies, such as in the case of the MMR vaccines have actually been manufactured.


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