Kids Health: ADHD Fixable with Behavior Therapy

When talking about kids’ health, a lot of people talk of ADHD with fear, whereas the fact remains that it’s not something incurable, and it can be treated with behavior therapy. Even in case the parents never received special training, they could help the children through common-sense parenting. All you need is patience and good parenting skills.

The main idea in this case is to have ground rules regarding the behavior of the child and to make sure that the rules are followed. In case the child does something good there should be a reward, and in case of bad actions there should be some consequences.

Kids Health ADHD

Make sure that the child understands the rules

It’s not enough to make sure the child knows about the rules, but you have to make sure that he or she understands them. It is a good idea to make a list of them and expose the list to the child. For example, create a list with all the things that the child has to do before going to school.

These rules should be clear. Make sure that the child understands them, so be ready to go over them as many times as it is necessary. Try to create routines for the child and stick to them.

Clear commands

Start with saying the name of the child so that he or she will know that you are addressing him or her something, and then express clearly what you want him or her to do. As an example, it is better to say ‘don’t touch anything’ than saying ‘be good’. Also mention the consequences if the commands aren’t followed.

Don’t go for perfection

There must be a balance between praising and scoping. As a rule you should praise the child 5 times more often than criticizing. Don’t expect perfection at first, but be happy for the small steps, and reward them. The desired results will come gradually. If you find that you are criticizing too much, it may be time to lower the standards for the health of the child and for yours as well.

When/then statements

This is the kind of statement that you have to use in case the child is asking the permission to do something before he or she is done with the chores. You should say that when he or she finishes the chores, he or she can do what they asked permission for. In case of younger children, you have to make sure that after doing something good there is an immediate reward.

Points as rewards and consequences

One easy way to make the child understand the effects of his or her actions is to have a jar. For each good thing that he or she does put a marble in the jar. For each bad action take two out. Each day there should be a reward based on the number of marbles and then start the next day over. This can be important for the kids’ health.


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