A New Reason To Protect Your Child From Catching Cold

A strain of virus that causes the common cold in childhood may be responsible for not just the sniffles but may also be implicated in contributing to childhood obesity, according to new research.

childhood obesityResearchers have found that children who were infected by a strain of virus called the Adenovirus 36 which results in common cold symptoms and a slight stomach upset, could be responsible for kids carrying more weight.

It was found that kids, who had been exposed to the virus, were, on an average 50 pounds heavier than those kids who had not been exposed to that particular strain of the virus.

Obesity is a very complex issue and we are only now starting to find out how viral infections could likely contribute to it. Researchers though hasten to assure us that this is no reason at all to give up healthy eating and regular exercises because these contribute not just to weight loss but overall good health.

This research is simply meant to let people understand better that obesity is not always the fault of the person, or in the case of kids, the family’s fault; that there are various contributing factors. So perhaps here is another reason to protect your child from catching cold.


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