8 Tips To Ease Your Infant Teething Pain

infant teethingInfant teething can be a stressful time for both you and your baby.

Normal teething rarely causes fever and pain, but you need to do a few things that can reduce the pain associated with teething.

If your baby is suffering from fever or severe pain, you should seek help from your doctor.

Here are some tips to ease the pain associated with teething:

1. Extra cuddling

Extra caring and loving goes a long way to providing relief at the time of teething. Cuddles and hugs give extra comfort when the baby is distressed.

2. Teething rings

Teething rings are an essential replacement for children who love to bite and chew on anything they can get their hands on.

Water-filled and chilled rubber teething rings and your fingers can all provide opposing pressure that can give relief to your baby. Allow the teething ring to cool in the fridge for sometime.

3. Cold drinks

Feeding your baby with a cold bottle of water can also bring relief. Drinking water greatly helps your child’s fluid if he is drooling a lot or has loose bowel movements.

4. Cold food

Feeding your baby with cold food can also bring relief from the pain. Yogurt, chilled applesauce and pureed peaches can be more appealing for your baby. They are the most nutritional alternatives for teething rings. [Baby Food]

5. Food for chewing

Offer your child a sugar-free teething biscuit or unsweetened rusk. Some babies like to chew carrot sticks or chilled bread pieces.

Whatever you decide to give your baby, just ensure that they are supervised. Also, avoid foods that are too hard because they can damage the gums. [Solid Foods]

6. Rubbing the baby’s gums

Massaging your baby’s gums with your clean finger can soothe and alleviate the discomfort. You can do this while applying a teething gel for baby’s gums.

The benefit of applying teething gel is that it provides relief for a longer period. Also, the gel, which should preferably be sugar-free and color-free, gives fast-acting relief. Ensure that you check dosage instructions and also expiry date.

7. Infant medicine

Analgesics are used to relieve the pain associated with teething and decrease the temperature. If the analgesic is administered together with the teething gel, it will give better results. If you notice raised temperature, you should rather consult a pediatrician.

8. Soothing the sore chins

Too much drooling caused by teething can greatly irritate your baby’s neck, chin and chest and cause them to become chapped, dry and sore. Therefore, you need to always keep your baby’s skin dry and immediately change the wet clothing.


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