5 Ways To Soothe Baby After Immunization Shots

First few years of baby are really stressful for parents.

Additionally, if your baby is given vaccination shots, that particular day can be extremely stressful for you.

However, it is not possible and also not suggested to avoid vaccination shots. There are few ways that can help soothe your little one after vaccination shots.

Soothing baby after vaccination shots

  • Stay close by your little one. Whether it is emotional, physical or other painful situation, it will be quite difficult for anyone to be alone. Try to consider your baby in a same manner and stay close to your baby.
  • Once your baby’s doctor has finished giving vaccination shots to your baby, pick your baby up and squeeze his/her upper body securely into your chest using your arms. This can help your baby to feel secured in your arms and calm down quickly.
  • If you’ve noticed swelling or redness near vaccinated site, take clean ice water and dip clean wash cloth in the water to reduce redness. It also helps your baby to feel less pain.
  • Give a dose of sugar solution after giving vaccination shots; it can really help your baby to soothe down after vaccination shots. Even many researchers believe that sugar solution helps to soothe a baby after immunization shots.
  • Your baby can get fever after his/her first vaccination shots. But, don’t worry; it is quite common for newborn to get slight fever. Measure body temperature of your baby and take necessary advice from your doctor to make your baby feel better.


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