When Will You Need A Breast Pump?

breast pumpThough many women find that a breast pump is a very useful device, it is not really necessary for everyone particularly for stay at home mothers. The circumstances in which you will find it very useful are:

  • When a child is born prematurely, he or she may be too weak to be able to latch on properly and suckle at the mother’s breast. In this case, it may be necessary to express the milk from the breast in order that it does not dry up due to lack of demand. And some premature babies can actually even be spoon fed the expressed mother’s milk so that it will not go waste either.
  • A breast pump can come in very hand for when the breast feeding mother needs to leave baby and go out at a time before solids are started or the baby is supplemented by any other kind of feed.
  • Also when going out, breastfeeding in public may be inconvenient and a breast pump can be used in this case so that previously expressed breast milk can be offered to the infant at any time.
  • For working women who want to continue to breast feed their children even after they resume working, a breast pump is a necessity obviously.


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