When To Introduce Solid Child Food And Food For First Six Months In The First Year Of Your Baby’s Life?

Baby FeedingIn the initial days after the birth breast milk or formula is the best child food.

You can feed your baby with your breast milk or formula for the first six months of your baby’s first year.

During this time you can introduce solid child food when she is ready.

It is important to know that not all babies will be ready for solids at the same time.

Most of the mothers become confused with, when her baby is ready for solid foods.

Simple guidelines that you can follow while introducing solid child food:

You should consult your doctor before giving solid foods to your child. The basic guidelines for clues as to whether your baby is ready for solids or not:

  • Introduce solid child food if your baby weight is double than that of the birth weight.
  • If your baby consumes 32 ounces or more breast milk or formula in a day, then she is ready for solid foods.
  • Your baby shows an interest in the foods that you are eating and may try to grab the food from you.
  • If your baby is always seems to be hungry, then you can give solid foods.
  • Your baby often puts things into her mouth.
  • Your baby can sit up with some support and can turn her head when she is full, then you can give solid child food.

Risk of introducing solid child food too early:

  • If you introduce solid foods too early there is an increased risk that she will develop a food allergy.
  • Your baby cannot chew or swallow the food properly.
  • Your baby’s digestive system cannot digest the food and hence stomach and bowel disorders will occur.

Child food for the first six months:

For the six months of your baby’s life she needs breast milk or formula for her nourishment. If you are breastfeeding, you will follow the cues and feed your baby when she feels hungry.

If you are using formula you have to follow the guidelines to feed your baby and according to that you have to decide how much formula milk your baby needs in every feeding. Take cues from your baby as to when she is full and when she is hungry.

Guidelines for formula feeding:

Guide for formula feeding ( age 0 to 5 months)


Amount per feeding

Number of feedings per 24 hours

1 month 2 to 4 ounces 6 to 8 times
2 months 5 to 6 ounces 5 to 6 times
3 to 5 months 6 to 7 ounces 5 to 6 times


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