What To Do If Your Baby Does Not Eat Well?

feedingIs it helpful and necessary to feed a baby by force? Don’t worry if your growing and developing baby eats only a half portion of food that you prepare for him. Leave him alone, but don’t force to eat.

First of all look at yourself and your partner. If both of you are under height and weight, what can you expect from your daughter or son.

So, don’t force such baby to eat like everyone does. Feeding the baby forcibly can lead to dysorexia and indigestion.

Set proper baby food ration that is suitable for your baby’s development, but not on age.

Mainly, underweight is the result of wrong and inappropriate nutrition. Here are various practical suggestions that help your child to break the bad cycle and learn how to take proper food.

  • Strictly stick to an appropriate feeding schedule. Don’t give any stuff to eat in the intervals between one meal and the other. Your child then will automatically start the meal with a liquid dish.
  • If your baby rejects to eat the food by the regular scheduled feeding time, then you should miss it.
  • Sometimes, prepare the dishes that your baby likes to eat.
  • The dishes that you have prepared should look appetizing. Get a beautiful and comfortable bowel for your baby to eat.
  • Don’t allow your baby to sit down at the table in excited position. Play a calm game with your baby or read a book for 10-15 minutes before going to feed.
  • Some babies don’t like to eat well in the morning. If you offer the food right after your baby wakes up, then he refuses to eat as he still feels sleepy. Consider this carefully and feed your baby only when he actively participates in the daily activities.
  • Sometimes, children don’t like to eat in hot summer days because of reduction in the high fluid loss of digestive juices. So, it is better to change the feeding schedule during summer time.
  • If your child is sick and not eating proper nutrition, then the first thing you need to do is, offer your child fluids like fruit juices frequently. On any case, don’t force the baby to eat, because this makes worsening of the disease. Whenever the temperature becomes normal, then you can feed the baby [Infant nutrition for healthy life].

Patience, strong wish and common sense will greatly help you in making your growing baby strong and healthy.


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