What Kind Of Solid Baby Food Should Be Introduced In Her First Year Of Life?

Baby FoodThe period for introducing solid baby food is in between four to six months.

Before introducing anything other than breast milk or formula, you should wait until your baby is at least four months old.

Baby food at four months age:

When your baby is four months old, start by offering your baby tiny amounts of baby cereals thinned with breast milk or formula.

You can also give fruit juices that are thinned with water. You need to wait for another month or two before introducing orange juice, because it is too acidic.

Baby food in between six to seven months age:

When your baby age is in between six to seven months, you can add fruits and vegetables. Once your baby has been introduced to cereals you can add mashed/ strained fruits and vegetables in her regular food. Start with small amounts then increase gradually as your baby gets used to the new food.

Introduce one new baby food at a time. Wait for two to four days before introducing something new. By doing like this you can know what type of baby food can cause allergic reactions.

Make a meal time a happy time with your baby. Only put mill or water into baby bottles and don’t put juices. Putting juices into your baby bottles can lead to dental problems due to the sugar content of juices.

Baby food in between seven to eight months age:

From seven to eight months you can add protein foods to your baby’s diet. Protein baby food includes strained meats, cottage cheese, egg yolk, yogurt, and dried beans.

Baby food in between eight to twelve months age:

You can add other foods as baby food in between 8-12 months age. At this age your baby will read to eat what the rest of the family is eating. Add soft table foods in your baby’s diet such as mashed potatoes, squash, soft meats, and soups. As your baby gets more teeth she will be able to add more foods to her diet.

The things you should keep in mind while introducing different types of baby food:

  • Don’t give foods to your babies which are high in contents of sugar, salt. Your baby doesn’t need to have desserts, pop, or sweets in her food.
  • Consult your doctor to know when to introduce pasteurized cow’s milk into your baby’s diet.
  • Don’t give hard foods like nuts, seeds, popcorn, raw carrots.
  • Feed your baby with a variety of good and healthy food so that you are promoting healthy eating habits.
  • Allow your baby to feed herself. This is a very important step towards your baby’s independence and motor skills.

As you gradually introduce solid baby food during her first year, you should keep in mind that every baby is different and thus the process of incorporating solid food may or may not follow the usual course of action.


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