What Can Be Done To Protect Your Baby? Nursing Baby Gives Complete Rest For Your Baby

Nursing BabyIn addition to the most advantageous source of nutrition for your baby in her first year, nursing baby has apparent psychological benefits for both of you.

In today’s world most of the mothers are becoming aware of the important advantages of breastfeeding to their babies and to themselves.

Breastfeeding develops a special closeness between you and your baby.

At the birth time infants can able to see only 12-15 inches. This is the distance between a nursing baby and his/her mother’s face.

Studies have found that an infant after 1 week of his birth identifies the smell of their own mother’s milk.

Benefits of nursing baby:

  • Many psychologists believe that nursing baby enjoys a sense of security from the warmth and presence of the mother.
  • During feeding timings your baby feels secure when there is a skin-to-skin contact.
  • Nursing mother must hug her infant closely many times during the day.
  • Nursing baby becomes more than a way to feed a baby. It is a source of warmth and comfort.
  • When your nursing baby is being fed in this way, it is natural for your baby to fall asleep quickly.

When you come to know how much your baby can consume in one feeding, try to lightly nudge her awake if she falls asleep too soon. You can easily awake her with a little tickle of the feet. If not, she will get hungry sooner and you will have to feed her more often.

If you are a nursing mother, you must be required to get needed rest. You must sit down, put your feet up, and you have to relax every few hours to nurse. Nursing at night is very easy (Increasing the quantity of Breast Milk).

Nursing baby in the hospital:

Nursing baby in the first few days after the birth:

Nursing baby starts by holding your baby close to you. This helps your baby to sleep as much time as possible. Breastfeeding is good (Benefits of Breast Milk) for new mother as well as for their babies. There is no need to sterilize the bottles and no need to buy the formula.

Wash your hands before breast-fed your baby:

This helps you to protect your baby from infections and some diseases. You can also wash your nipples with warm water and sterile cotton.

Burp your baby after feeding:

Hold the baby upright on your shoulder and gently rub his back. Some babies need no burping. Burping your baby can make easy digestion of milk.

Nursing baby at home:

First day at home:

Your baby may be fretful and sensitive to the changes. Nursing baby with love allows adjusting soon to your new home.

Nursing baby frequently:

A breast-fed baby is frequently nursed for every two or three hours during the day and once or twice at the night in the beginning. This comforts your baby.

After the first few weeks nursing baby becomes less frequently. At that time you can use bottle feeding.

Regularly, nursing baby protects your baby from infections and also gives restful sleep.


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