What Are The Effects Of Inappropriate Child Diet And How To Cope The Problem?

Child DietSufficient quantities of child diet make your child healthy.

If the child diet is disturbed with any other reasons then it can cause many problems in your child.

The quantity of child diet to be given at each time must be regulated by the age of the child and his digestive power.

A little experience will enable to determine this point. As your child grows older the quantity of the diet must be increased.

The most common mistake that the most of the mothers do is overfeeding of their baby.

It is a most serious one and is easily avoided by you following a systematic plan with regard to the hours of feeding, only yielding to the indications of appetite, and administering the food slowly, in small quantities at a time.

This systematic plan is the only way to effectively prevent the disorders due to improper child diet. These are more common in infants. This plan protects your infant health nutrition and consequent strength of constitution.

The common problems in infants due to inappropriate child diet are:

  • Indigestion
  • Bowel complaints
  • Irritable condition of the nervous system

The frequency of giving food must be determined. The best in which you can determine is, allow a considerable interval between each meal that will ensure the digestion of previous quantity. This time interval is fixed for every feeding.

If you do not follow the rule and you are going to give fresh child diet for every hour or so, time will not be given for the digestion of previous quantity.

As a consequence of this process, the digestion of the food being interrupted and the food passing on to the bowel undigested and there it will become ferment and sour.

Due to undigested food, it inevitably produces colic and purging and no way contribute to the nourishment of your child.

To cope from the above problem, you have to consider the posture of the child while feeding. It is important for proper digestion of child diet.

  • Child diet must not be given while he is lying.
  • The head should be raised on your arm. It is the most natural position in which there will be no danger of the food going the wrong way.
  • After each meal, put your baby on his bed or allow him to relax on your knee, for at least half an hour. This is essential for the process of digestion.
  • Exercise is also important at other times for the promotion of health.
  • If your child got any teeth, child diet consists of solid farinaceous matter boiled in water, beaten through a sieve, and mixed with a small quantity of milk, may be employed.


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