Want To Breastfeed In Public? Here’s Help

For various personal and social reasons, women are uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public, fearing stares and public censure or just because they are shy about it.

breastfeed in publicSo for all of those women who are shy or uncomfortable about breast feeding in public, but would like to be able to do it, for all its many benefits, Christine Poirier designed a solution that will help women breastfeed in public.

Poirier created a nursing top for herself, to enable herself to breastfeed in public.

Soon she was being urged by friends as well as her midwife to make the product available in the market – a nursing top that consists of a simple t shirt that flares from the waist but which is equipped with a flap that overhangs the tee, to provide discrete access for when nursing is required to be done in public.

There are no buttons and zippers to manage and according to Poirier, most of the time, people cannot tell whether the mother is breastfeeding or if the baby is sleeping. Active, urban mothers need no longer be chary of restaurants, cafes, meeting their friends outside going to parks etc.


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