Top 8 Breastfeeding Accessories

Breastfeeding may seem like something that comes naturally to a mother and her baby. But many a times this is not true. Initial hiccups need not mean giving up on feeding breast milk.

It only means that little support is needed till the baby and mother fall on the right track. Here are 8 breastfeeding accessories that can make the transition easier.

1. Medela Nipple Shield


Cracked and bleeding nipples are not a great thing to have when you are nursing. In addition to taking necessary precautions and treating it, what would really help is a nipple shield. Medela’s silicone shields fit perfectly to the nipple shielding it from more damage while giving uninterrupted care to the baby as well.

2. Medela Breast Shells


Inverted nipples are a pin for the baby to deal with. Using Medela’s advanced breast shells can help pull puckered nipples out for a better nursing experience.

3. Lansinoh Lanolin Topical Treatment


Your baby has been feeding non-stop, which gives you a hard time with sore nipples. Nevertheless you need to nurse. The best remedy for cracked sore nipples is lanolin – a natural oil extracted from plants to pack into a topical cream. Try the Lansinoh brand for the best and purest form of this ointment.

4. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump


It is not always a working mother who needs a breast pump. As the baby grows, sleep deprivation adds on.

To counter this problem, mothers can opt to take a break by expressing milk and having someone else take over the duty for a few feeds. This way the bonding is healthy and the mother can look for some refreshment.

The Medela Breast Pump is an advanced pump, which is completely automatic and totally hands-free. It is a complete kit with the pump, charger and bottles fitting into a compact satchel.

5. Adiri Natural Nurser


Whether wanting to take a break from a hard day or trying to wean your baby, this specially designed baby bottle called Adiri Natural Nurser mimics your breast the best. Just pump your milk out into this bottle and we are sure your baby will not have any second thoughts.

6. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover


If nursing in full public view is not your strongest point then fret not. Get the latest Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover that you can wear on any outfit and let your baby enjoy the meal. In addition to cocooning the baby in its warmth, it is comfy enough to see what is happening is within.

7. Organic Cotton Nursing Pads


Many a time, your breasts overflow causing much embarrassment. This can be solved by using nursing pads that line your bra to soak any such spills. Though there are many types of nursing pads available in the stores, Organic Nursing Pads are best because they cause no allergy to the already sensitive breasts. They also soak in more because they are made from 100% natural cotton.

8. NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack


Breast engorgement is a common occurrence for a nursing mother. The pain of engorged breasts is definitely unbearable. This can be handled by warm or cold compresses which are now available in the form of NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack. These gel pads can be warmed or cooled and stuck to the breast to give the much needed relief until the system takes care. They are particularly useful when trying to wean the baby away.


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