Top 5 Newborn Feeding Techniques For New Moms

When you are a new mother proud of bringing your baby into this world, there must be quite a number of questions running through your head.

One of those questions you probably have is how you are going to feed your baby. Having these in your thoughts are normal, considering you are a new mother. The most common newborn feeding method is known as breastfeeding.

For centuries, new mothers naturally undergo newborn feeding. They are usually assisted by family members who have little or extensive experience in breastfeeding.

Members such as their mothers taught them different techniques in newborn feeding which was eventually passed down to newer generations.

Today, newborn feeding is considered one of the toughest things to do, especially if you are new to it. Most mothers tend to get used to it over time, but there are those that also have a hard time in actually getting used to it. Again, this is normal.

A mother cannot get used to the idea of newborn feeding right on the spot. This would need patience and a lot of understanding on the mother’s part.

It is true back then, and it is still true today that one of the main concerns of breastfeeding is latching. Due to this, there have been techniques in newborn feeding that have been practiced. These techniques are as follows:

  • Look for a comfortable spot to rest your baby in your arms. By doing so, the mother ensures that the newborn has to only worry about getting the ample amount of milk needed. This newborn feeding technique helps in minimizing the strain to the mother’s arms.
  • It is important in newborn feeding to find a good and comfortable spot for the mothers. If you are a new mother, breastfeeding could prove to be very tiring even if it looks simple to do. The reason for this is to avoid straining the back and the spine while feeding.
  • The mother should use her fingers to help guide the baby’s mouth to the position of the nipples. By doing this technique, the mother is sure the baby does not latch as this may cause uncomfortable pain on to the mother. If latching occurs, having to feed the baby for several minutes may prove to be unbearable.
  • Mothers should remember to switch breast when feeding. It is said that an acceptable duration of 15 minutes minimum is a good time for each breast. This technique also ensures that feeding does not strain the nipples too much to make it swollen.
  • Remember not to feed the baby too much milk. By doing so, you may cause the baby to vomit due to excess milk. By simply patting the baby’s back until it has burped before feeding it again would to the trick.

Newborn feeding should bring such joy to a mother. The act of which gives a sense of fulfillment and responsibility that only a mother can explain.

If you are serious about learning more, you may research more on the internet about various techniques. Perhaps visiting your pediatrician could also bear new techniques on feeding.


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