Tips to Reduce the Sugar Intake for the Baby

Even if you are a new mommy and you cannot escape the tendency of spoiling your child, offering them the things you think they will like the most is not a good idea.

The experts advise you to limit the sugar and the sweets. The babies love the sweet taste and if they grow accustomed to it fast, they will not only refuse the healthy baby food containing meat, vegetables and egg yolk but they will also be exposed to future health problems.

Sugar Intake for the Baby

The only sugar welcome in the baby food is the one naturally present in fruit. Here is what you should do or not do to make sure you don’t fall into temptation of giving your baby too much sugar.

If you must feed the baby with formula milk, make sure you choose one without sugar. Do not add sugar in the tea you give the baby to avoid colic and do not put sugar on the nipple to calm the baby when it cries.

The baby food you buy is many times a calorie bomb containing 50% more sugar than the food you prepare. If you cannot give it up completely you should at least alternate it with home made food.

This way the baby will try on different tastes and textures and you will not have to deal with the crisis of the baby not wanting to eat the food you make because it is not sweet enough.

Under no circumstances you should add sugar to the fruit juice you make for the baby. Until the age of 4 the right drink for the baby is water. You should avoid at all costs giving the baby juices or carbonated drinks.

If after one year of life you start feeding the baby with the food you eat, you still have to avoid giving it dessert. No matter how healthy it is prepared, it still is an extra source of sugar that should be avoided.


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