Tips to Make Baby Food at Home

With various concerns about prepackaged baby food – such as artificial flavors, additives and preservatives and even apprehension that certain cereals could lead to obesity, making baby food at home could be a great and economical option.

homemade baby food

  • Steam and puree veggies as baby food – There is no reason why flavorings such as sugar and excess salt need to be added to baby food. Just steaming and pureeing veggies is not only easy, it is really delicious and you can be sure that there are no preservatives, unnecessary sugars and sodium going into your baby. It’s just pure nutrition.
  • With fruit you may not even have to steam, just mash up and feed baby.
  • You can vary food to make it lumpier as baby grows to vary the texture and to challenge baby with different kinds of consistencies.
  • Homemade baby food is also very economical. A two dollar bag of peas will make enough baby food for about 10 meals. However 10 jars of readymade baby food will set you back by about 6 dollars!
  • You can freeze portions and thaw them as and when you need to feed baby.

So give it a try – you may find homemade baby food easy and a better option.


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