Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Feeding Twins

Having a beautiful, angelic baby is the best part of becoming a parent. But having twins is on a whole new level. Because only a mere 3 out of 100 mothers are blessed with twins, they are extremely special.

They mean double your love. However, it also means double your troubles. You need to check them all round the clock and no matter what anyone says you need to put them on a schedule so as to not wear your body down.

Keep in Mind While Feeding Twins

Here are few other things that you need to keep in mind while feeding your two bundles of joys.

  • Let’s get Organized: You can either breast feed your twins or simply feed them with bottles, but first you need to be well organized. Especially when you are doing the feeding with bottles, you need to keep in mind the basic things you would require, namely a good supply of bottles, good quality baby formula and a first class sterilization system. Newborn twins generally need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours. So that would mean you need to prepare a total of 8 to 12 bottles per baby each day, now that’s a lot of bottles, so it’s preferable if you have a certain amount of bottle, rather than continuously reusing one.
  • Feed Two at the Same Time: It is the most easiest and time efficient method possible. In fact you need to prepare a proper schedule for feeding them. If you don’t then it’s likely that while you are trying to tug one baby into bed, the other wakes up and demands food. It becomes a hectic round the clock job that will definitely tire your body and in turn diminish your ability to produce milk.
  • Feeding During the Night: For the first few weeks, day and night will probably appear the same to you. Sleep deprivation is the first complain that parents of newborn twins have. Hence you need to jot down your own schedule. The best way is to probably have a time on duty with your partner or some maternity nurse. Divide your timings accordingly for nursing the babies so that all of you have some time off from this tremendous duty of feeding the twins right. Prepare the bottles previously and store them in insulators or flasks so that you are saved from making them again and again.

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