The Very Hungry Caterpillar Could Help Your Child Eat Healthy

The Very Hunger Caterpillar, written by Eric Carle way back in the 1969 has been a huge favorite with young kids. It has been a marvelous way for parents to initiate their kids on food related concepts and other things such as the days of the week and so on.

very hungry caterpillar bookThe book, often referred to as one of the greatest childhood classics of all time, has now evolved with the times and has gotten slightly amended to teach children not just about food but about healthy eating.

The Childhood Caterpillar has been roped in to combat childhood obesity, and will now be a handy tool for physicians and parents alike in introducing concepts of portion control and healthy eating to kids.

The Eating healthy Growing Strong book will now be a useful way to tell the story of the way in which food affects us – the little caterpillar wakes up feeling oh so hungry and then proceeds to eat his way through lots of veggies and fruit all through the week.

Then at the weekend when he gorges on unhealthy foods, he gets such a terrible stomach ache and he learns a fine lesson!  It is a simple concept and one that is easy even for a very young child to grasp.


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