The Milk Powder Controversy

Though the authorities are busy issuing clarification upon clarification, parents are concerned about the latest Chinese milk powder controversy; about newborn babies in China growing breasts from drinking milk powder that was adulterated with hormones.

milk powder controversyThe growth hormone and the hormones to assist in milk production that cows and other dairy cattle are routinely injected with is what are responsible for the present controversy.

These hormones find their way into the milk of the cow which is then turned into milk powders, including baby formula.

Due to this, children, even newborn babies are getting exposed to hormones that are causing unnatural growth responses. It has been found that the hormone levels found in little babies may be as high as the estrogen levels found in adult women.

The worrying point is that there is no way of determining where it is that the milk products we buy are sourced from. So there is really no way of knowing if the infant formula we buy is made from milk that was sourced from China and consequently if it will have any adverse effects.


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