Tested And Proven Infant Feeding Techniques

Proper and appropriate infant feeding especially during the early years will greatly help in the development of your child’s body and brain. During the first few months after the baby is born, breast milk and formula are the only proper food you can give them. As they grow older, you can start training them to eat solid food.

infant feedingThere are few but important reminders you need to know when you start solid infant feeding. It is not just about feeding. Your child has low tolerance on too much food intake and may develop allergies and irritation to some.

When this occurs, you have to be very careful with what you feed them. Be watchful on the effects of solid food to your child, such as constipation, diarrhea, and tummy irritation and choking. When these occur, seek your doctor’s help.

Infant feeding techniques you can use

  • Breast milk is still your best source of baby first food. Make sure you breast feed your newly born babies to get the best baby nutrition they need.
  • When starting with solid food, give the child small amount. Infant feeding is not about stuffing them to prevent them from getting hungry. It is about providing the right infant nutrition by gradually training them to take solid food.
  • Solid food given to the baby should be of one kind for the first few days. This will allow the child to get used to it and prevent stomach irritation caused by frequent change of solid food. During infant feeding, allow at least one week before changing the kind of solid food taken.
  • Your child’s first solid food should be infant cereals. Make sure you do not mix it yet with vegetables and fruits. Keep it light as solid food can cause them irritation and hard time sleeping. Infant feeding with too much intake of solid food will make them feel bloated and overstuffed.
  • Keep artificial flavoring away. As much as possible, get your child some fresh fruit or vegetable that you can mash and reduce to a tender food. Make sure you wash them properly and are served fresh. Sugar and salt should be avoided. Infant feeding is all about natural and fresh food.
  • Infant bottle feeding should be carefully monitored. Do not leave your baby lying down with their milk bottles when unattended. This can be dangerous for the child, choking them to sleep.
  • Start feeding your child with fruit juices when they are able to drink from a cup. Infant feeding also includes training your child how to eat solid food from a spoon, and start drinking from a cup.

It is important that you know when to start feeding your child with solid foods. If you are not sure what to do and what to feed them, you can always refer to your pediatrician for proper information and advice about your child’s health. Remember, the transition of breast feeding and formulas to giving them solid food is a big step. Make sure your way of infant feeding is properly guided.


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