Simple Procedure to Store Breast Milk Faster

It is very important to store breast milk in the proper manner. First, you need to collect breast milk in the proper container. The most popular way that mamas store their milk is by using breast milk storage bags.

Storage bags are very useful for moms who want to compartmentalize their milk into one area of the freezer because they essentially flatten out as they freeze, and as a result do not take up much space. They can be easily stacked against each other and withstand cold temperatures.

how to store breast milk

Breast milk storage bags also create a simple way to heat up frozen breast milk. They can be placed in the refrigerator to thaw or can be run under hot water.

Breastfeeding moms may also choose to store their breast milk in storage containers. Instead of the nipple, storage containers are sealed up with cap as to not let any milk out. The only downside to using storage containers to collect your milk is that they can quickly take up space in a freezer or refrigerator. However, storage containers are pretty inexpensive, available for purchase online, and most double electric breast pump kits through insurance come with a couple containers for free.

Expressed breast milk isn’t pasteurized and can spoil. Generally, you can safely leave breast milk only for a few hours. If you’re storing your milk in the fridge, it can be safely stored up to eight days.

If storing milk in an average freezer that has its own door, it safe to store milk for up to three to four months. Using a deep freezer would extend safe storage use up to 6 months. Now that you know how to safely store your liquid gold, it’s time to go over all of the different techniques to keep it prepped and ready for your little one!

Note – Keep in mind, that when you keep it in the freeze, it must not be placed in the sides of the freeze. Deep freezing and freezing in your normal refrigerator is absolutely different. Remember, the mentioned temperatures are sensitive in terms of the breast milk storage. Try to keep the milk container in the middle of the freeze and very precisely, once you thaw the milk, don’t refreeze it.


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