Spitting Up: Why Babies Do It?

spit upsThere is nothing more precious than a newborn baby be it a girl or a boy. They are just so sweet and innocent; and then it happens.

Baby spits up a smelly and gross mess. Why do babies spit up and is there anything you can do about it?

Most babies spit up because they are just learning how to eat.

It is said that of all babies born at least 40% of them spit up on a regular basis. It is said that babies spit up the most at around four months of age.

Even if you are breastfeeding, when baby is eating air sometimes gets in with the nourishment. And we all know that what goes in must come out and when that happens, your baby have spit up.

Tips to Help Your Baby Hold Down Food

  • When you are feeding your baby, do so in an upright manner. When baby is in a position where he is slouching when feeding he is more likely to spit up.
  • During baby feeding times ensure that the atmosphere is calm and soothing. Minimize distractions and extraneous noises. Try not to let baby get wildly hungry before feeding as this will cause them to eat quickly and that is the perfect breeding ground for spitting up.
  • If you are bottle feeding baby be sure that the nipple’s hole isn’t too small. This frustrates your baby and more air is sucked in when feeding. If the hole is too big too much fluid will make him gag and take in extra air too.
  • Burping is a great way to avoid spitting up. Burp your baby several times during feeding before you give him any more food. If any air is trapped it will come out before you put more food on top of it.
  • Don’t put pressure on baby’s tummy. Ensure that both diaper and baby clothing fit comfortably and not too tight. When burping watch that you don’t lean baby’s tummy on your shoulder or press your hand on it.
  • Once baby is done eating, don’t manhandle him. Let him sit calmly and keep him sitting upright. Do this for at least a ½ hour after the feeding.
  • Don’t overfeed. If your baby is spitting up a lot during feeding, you may be feeding too much. Try giving baby a little less food during each meal and see if this will help to avoid spitting up.


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