Some Amazing Breastfeeding Facts – Part 2

The fact that breast milk is pretty amazing is an established fact. We have been speaking about why this is so; here are some more reasons why breast milk is a truly remarkable gift of Mother Nature:

1. With breast milk there is no leftover, no waste and no spoilage whatsoever. There is no way to predict how hungry or not hungry a baby is feeling at a particular time.

Whether baby is in a mood for just a small snack or a proper meal, there is no way of telling, therefore waste and spoilage can often occur.

Breast feeding takes the guess work out of this. The baby will have as much or as little as he or she wants or needs and there is never any waste.

Also with breast milk, you never run out and there is never any need to run to the store at some unearthly time to get refreshments for baby!

2. Just one word:
Immunity! Breast milk is like a bunch of natural vaccines that are being readily assembled and offered to your baby. This is because of the number and variety of antibodies that mother’s milk contains.

For this reason, breast fed babies have fewer or less severe illnesses, less incidence of diarrhea, and have better life long immunity. For this the colostrum that is produced soon after birth is of particular importance; it shores up a baby’s resistance to diseases and infections.

3. Baby’s bowel movements are always easier when baby is breast fed. There is rarely indigestion or constipation experienced when babies are breast fed.

You may even notice a rather strange benefit among breast fed babies: fewer soiled diapers. While seven times in one day is normal, it is also normal that a baby ‘goes’ just once in 5 to 7 days!

So you only need to change that disposable diaper when the indicated number of hours have gone past, there is no urgent need to change baby immediately because of a bowel movement. Ergo, fewer soiled diapers in some cases.

4. Some recent research has even suggested that breast fed babies are smarter! Research has shown that those babies who were breast fed for 8 months or more have verbal IQ scores that were 6 points higher than children who were not breast fed or were breast fed for a lesser period.

Though the premise is disputed by many, many studies have found that breast milk feeding may have small to long term benefits for child cognitive development.


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