Signs That Tell the Baby is Ready for Solids

While it is now pretty well established that all that a baby really needs to have for the first six months of life is breast milk, each baby may differ in terms of when they need to start solids, which could be earlier or later than that age.

Baby is Ready for Solids

There is no single ideal age, so how can you tell if a baby is ready for solids or not? Here are some signs that may indicate your baby is ready for solids.

1. Baby should be able to sit well in a high chair and be able to hold up his or her head properly without support.

2. If baby indicates an interest in the food that adults are eating, even perhaps making a swipe for it, then this is an indication of interest in food other than milk.

However just because a baby makes a swipe at the food doesn’t mean he or she is ready. She or he should also be physically able to do certain things.

3. If baby can close the mouth around a spoon, and can seem to move food effectively from the front to the back of the mouth, he or she may be ready for solids.

Remember babies have the instinctive tendency to push solid food out with their tongue – if baby seems to be losing this instinct, then solid readiness may be inferred.

4. Baby may even make chewing motions, indicating that he or she wants to do more than just suck to satisfy hunger.

5. If baby seems be remain hungry and even 8 or 10 feedings of breast milk in a day or adequate formula doesn’t seem to satisfy, then perhaps the feedings need to be supplemented by solids.

6. If baby has some teeth coming in, it may indicate that he or she is ready for solids.


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