Rice Cereals Responsible for Overweight Babies, say Doctors

It could be the convenient thing to feed a baby when you first introduce solids but doctors are now voicing concerns about rice cereal, which is a staple for babies. The baby food which is thought to be suitable because it is easy for a baby’s immature digestive system to handle may be responsible for making babies overweight, say doctors.

rice cerealsDr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician at Stanford University warns against this baby food that has been recommended by doctors for the past 50 years.

Dr Greene has started a campaign called “White Out” by way of which he hopes to bring more attention to the way in which rice cereal could actually be responsible for causing obesity among kids.

His years of studying childhood nutrition has convinced him that “white rice cereal can predispose (babies) to childhood obesity,” in fact he is of the view that this is the factor that is responsible for the overall high childhood obesity rates.

Greene believes that the processed white flour that goes into making of the rice cereal with sugar is the cause of childhood obesity. He urges parents to give their kids solid made from wholegrain, fruit and vegetables instead.

Rice cereal manufacturers however are denying that there is any scientific basis to Dr Greene’s claims.


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