Most Common Problems Feeding Baby Solids

Although children think that the parents know everything, the truth is that they don’t and so they could have problems feeding baby solids.

Let’s not forget that it’s not that easy to handle the babies and there are a lot of problems that you could encounter as a parent.

Problems Feeding Baby Solids

What to feed the baby

The parents who have already gone through this experience say that it is best if you add a bit of seasoning to the food of the baby, so that he or she will get used to the new tastes easier. Believe it or not, it is alright to give the baby paprika, garlic, pepper and other kinds of seasoning.

When considering the problems with solid baby foods keep in mind that it is best not to give the baby juice too soon, because you won’t be able to make him or her drink water again. Also when you introduce a new kind of food you should do it gradually so that if the little one has a reaction, you will know what caused it.

When to have the feeding?

In case you encounter problems feeding baby solids you might think that the timing of the feedings is important. It is best to feed the baby when you are having a meal as well.

This way the baby will mimic the things that you do. In the same time you shouldn’t wait for the baby to be very hungry before you feed him or her.

It is interesting to know about the difficulties with solid baby foods that if the baby is too hungry, most probably he or she will reject everything that you offer because of frustration. It is a good idea to have a feeding schedule and try to stick to it even when you are traveling.

Food rejection

This is a one of the common problems that appears while feeding baby solids. You could try giving the baby what he or she likes and then slip in a couple of spoons of spinach, for example. The little one will swallow it even before he or she realizes that it is something different.

Another idea is to get creative

It is possible that the difficulties involve one kind of solid baby food. All you have to do is find other ways to serve the same food.

All problem feeding baby solids can be taken care of provided you are patient enough to cultivate baby’s taste.


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