Preparing For Midnight Feedings

midnight feedingsA newborn baby’s stomach is only the size of an English walnut.

This means your baby cannot eat enough at one feeding to remain satisfied all night long, and will wake up during the night to be fed; he’ll also need his diaper changed.

There are steps you can take to make these midnight feedings easier for you and baby.

First, consider preparing a designated place for midnight or late night feedings. You should have a comfortable place to sit and whatever positioning aids you use, including pillows or foot stools.

Lay in a stock of burp clothes, and keep a bottle of water on hand for you to sip to avoid dehydration.

An extra blanket for baby [baby blanket] and perhaps one for you as well, will also come in handy. If you are breastfeeding, keep extra nursing pads on hand as well.

Consider lighting. You will need enough light to see what you are doing, but not so much light that baby becomes fully awakened.

There are a number of choices for this, from inexpensive night lights, to lamps that will cover your ceilings with softly glowing stars, to using a dimmer switch with the lighting you already have.

In addition to having a designated place for feedings, have a designated place to change diapers. Having everything ready at hand will make changing diapers quicker and easier for both you and baby and get everyone back to bed more quickly.

Most of all, be patient. As your baby grows, so will his stomach. Soon he will be able to eat enough to remain satisfied and asleep for 5 or more hours at a time.


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