Mother’s Diet in Pregnancy Tones the Child’s Taste Buds

Pregnant and nursing mothers are constantly being told to eat healthy; and here is another reason why they should – what they eat while pregnant and when breast feeding, will determine what baby likes to eat later in life according to a new study.

pregnancy dietSo if it was fried chicken and cup cakes that you craved and indeed ate during pregnancy rather than the fruit and veggies, then that may be the reason why junior seems to have such unhealthy food choices now.

In fact if a child develops certain aversions to fruits and veggies, he or she could end up with certain deficiencies and diseases, that this could have their origins dating back before birth.

The reason according to head researcher Josephine Todrank is that a fetus ‘expects’ food from the mother to be ‘safe’.

Due to this ‘expectation of safety’ if a woman drinks alcohol the child may be attracted to it; and similarly, if it was healthy food that came its way, the fetus may relish fresh fruit and veg!

So if you want that that your child should have healthy eating habits later in life, start them off right early on – before and soon after birth!


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