Know Month By Month Infant Feeding Schedule For Development Of Your Child!

Infant Feeding ScheduleThe new parents will be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of children.

You have to remember few things while making the infant feeding schedule.

The infant feeding schedule involves the month by month schedule:

The first four months feeding schedule:

This is the easy way for feeding your babies during the first four to six months. The breast milk or formula milk is the only source for feeding during these months. This has been recommended by the pediatricians.

Many years ago, the pediatricians recommended mixing the cereal with the breast milk or the formula milk to feed the infants up to 2 weeks. They believed that the children fed with this mix can sleep for long time.

But, now the pediatricians realized that the solid food before four months can lead to the food allergy in your children and it will be hard for the immature digestive system to digest the food.

During the first few months, you have to feed your baby for every two hours or more, if you are breast feeding. The infant feeding schedule can be stretched to more than three hours. You have to feed your infant when ever he is hungry.

Baby Feeding schedule for four to six months:

At this stage, you can introduce the solid food under pediatrician guidance only. At the same time, you should continue the formula or breast milk along with the solid food for couple of times.

You can give your baby cereals like the oatmeal, barley and rice. These can be mixed with formula or breast milk. You should not force your baby to eat. It will be better to feed when they are hungry.

Infant feeding schedule for six to eight months:

You can expand the diet of your baby when she is adapted to the food cereals. Some pediatricians recommend the vegetable before fruit; others may recommend fruit before vegetable and some others does not make any difference between the two.

The most important thing is that how you introduce these foods to your baby. After introducing one new food to your baby, you have to wait for many days to introduce the next food.

This makes you to know about the food allergy and whether your child is allergic to any food. In such cases, you can change the food that is allergic to your child.

You can make the infant feeding chart when your baby becomes eight months old. The schedule can involve the breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can still feed her with formula or breast milk.

Feeding schedule for eight to twelve months:

You can introduce more food items as your baby grows older. These include the dinner containing the rice or pasta or meats with vegetables.

Avoid the foods that have choking hazards like grapes, peanuts and nuts. You can stop the breast feeding and give whole milk for your children when they are one year old.

By this infant feeding schedule, you can give the nutrient food for better development and growth of your baby.


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