Is Your Toddler Making You Worried By Not Eating Properly? Here Are Some Of The Toddler Food Tips!

Toddler FoodToddler food consists of ½ to ¼ portion of the adult food.

It is better to give some portion of food and let your child ask for more food.

Appetite may vary, sometimes they may eat more and the other meal he may eat like a bird. Children can know how much to eat. Keep this in mind.

Toddler food may not be more as their stomachs are small and they cannot eat much. They need along with the meal one or two snacks during the day. About midway between the meals, offer the healthy snacks. The child has to be fed with the snacks when he is hungry and not for entertainment.

Juice and milk are the good snack items but do not give over quantities of them. As these foods are sweet they should not be given very often. If your child drinks more soft drinks, then he will not eat the solid food. Other drinks like pop, fruits, tea or coffee should not be given to the toddlers.

To wean your toddler from bottle to cup:

By the end of first year, the child may be given off the bottle and well on the cup. Introducing the cup can be done slowly by giving the water and juice in the cup.

Try to give some milk in a cup after one meal by replacing the bottle. The toddler has to handle the cup, for this purpose cups with spouts and lids can be used.

Certain care should be taken when the toddler refuses to take the food. When nothing is eaten respect you toddler’s wish. They will not be hungry as they eat eventually. Food stored for longer time should not be given to the child to eat.

Likes and dislikes of toddler food changes from time to time. For your child, accepting the food can take up to 10 tries.

Introduction of new toddler food involves only one food at a time. It has to be served along with the food your child likes the most. Your child may smell it or examine by touching, allow him to do it.

Encourage having one bite but do not discourage; if he refuses try another time.

Some of the toddler feeding tips is:

  • Finger foods should be offered.
  • Serve toddler-size portion. Let him ask for more food.
  • Introduce to new food along with the familiar one.
  • Present a variety of foods and let your child pick from them.
  • Keep the television off during meal time.
  • Eat along with your children; it helps them to learn to eat.
  • Encourage one bite to taste.
  • Do not bribe or reward the children with food.
  • Present the food in a way that your child can handle. For ex., bite-size pieces.
  • Make your child to sit along with the family at least for a part of meal.
  • Set a routine for eating. Foods are to be eaten at the tables.
  • Seat your child at a comfortable height to the table.
  • Do not hurry the child.

Hence, the toddler food should be given to the toddler with a lot of patience for their proper development.


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