Learn About the Introduction of Baby Food Chart

It is just normal that there are a lot of parents who have questions regarding the introduction of baby food chart.

While some women do use such a chart, others follow their instincts and give their babies what they think is good for them.

Introduction of Baby Food Chart

Months 0-4

You will know that the baby is ready if he or she has the extrusion reflex, rooting reflex, swallowing reflex and sucking reflex. During this time the best thing you can give your baby is breast milk. You could also give iron fortified formula. It is important to feed the little one when he or she demands it.

You should also know about the introduction chart of the baby food that it is normal for the baby to have 8-12 feedings a day. Normally the newborns drink two-three oz. of milk per pound of their body weight. The feeding schedule is different for each baby. The babies often need to nurse on each breast.

4-6 months

During this time the main food of the babies is still the milk or formula. If you feed your baby with formula you should give the little one iron fortified rice cereal mixed with the formula. If you breastfeed the baby you should give cereals mixed with breast milk.

There are some practitioners who suggest regarding the chart of baby food that needs to be introduced that it is good for the babies to have some pureed meat to offer the zinc and iron that they need. However you should know that there is only little evidence that supports this idea and it is widely debated among doctors.

In this period, it is good to know that the babies should have 1-4 tablespoons of cereal. The texture of the foods that you offer has to be runny and make sure that the spoon you feed the baby with is soft. The cereal shouldn’t be mixed with juice.

6-8 months

Besides the milk and the cereals, at this stage the chart of foods that need to be introduced to the baby also include pureed, strained or mashed fruits with no skin, soft vegetables and also some meat.

You shouldn’t be stressed about the introduction of baby food chart because it isn’t complicated. Just make sure that it is suitable for the baby.


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