When Should You Include Solids in Baby Nutrition?

One of the aspects of baby nutrition is that your child may at some point of time require switching to solid foods. It is usually the time when their first tooth comes out. Another requirement before solid food is incorporated into baby diet is to have a powerful shoulder belt and ability to move the head from one side to the other. The time we are talking about is from 4 to 6 months, when you can start feeding the child with solids.

The starting point of baby nutrition

The beginning of baby diet can start with mashed vegetables including sweet potatoes, zucchinis, guacamole and carrots in about 2 small spoons per day. You can even mash better by adding hot water and avoiding salt. Potato is a great vegetable to start with, and gradually more vegetables can be incorporated to keep an eye out for food allergies.

Baby Nutrition

At this age, it is best to go for fruits like melons, watermelons, bananas, pears, peaches, apples and others. It is advisable to start with vegetables instead of fruits since the child can get used to the delicacy and sweetness of the fruits without asking for the veggies.

However, all this should be engaged with formula meals or breastfeeding.

7 months

Baby nutrition when they are 7 months old should be diversified. This is when you can cook rice, pasta, beef, chicken, different kinds of legumes and even prepare toasts for your little one. These can be mixed with vegetables which shall require less of mashing. The baby will be used to chewing food in larger chunks. This baby diet should ideally replace around 2 formula or breastfeeding meals.

9 months to a year

By the time the baby is 9 months old they are considerably grown and can now try dairy products and eggs. It is best to check out a few amounts initially to watch for allergic reactions. You can even replace the baby nutrition with solids including vegetables, eggs and certain fruits. This is when 3 breastfeeding meals can be suitably replaced. While paying attention to baby diet, mothers should not lose attention of themselves since it is very important for nurturing and nursing your baby.

First two years

If you have put your baby on a formula diet, the best time for transitioning them to whole milk is near their first birthday. Breastfeeding moms can also follow this route, although you can continue breastfeeding. At this time, baby nutrition can take in table foods. If the baby has problems chewing and swallowing food, it is best to inform the doctor. One of the major challenges in dealing with baby diet is to know how much food your baby requires.

All food groups should be touched upon including proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables. While many toddlers require proteins, they may not like the meat texture. In that case, it is best to switch to other sources of protein including beans, cheese and nut butter. It is important to give your kid 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks a day.


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