How To Prepare Artificial Child Diet?

Child DietThere is no need to worry about artificial diet. It won’t cause any harm to your child.

Artificial child diet is similar to the breast milk. It can be made by the mixture of cow’s milk, water and sugar.

The above ingredients are mixed in the following proportions.

  • Fresh cow’s milk – 2/3rd
  • Boiling water or thin barley water – 1/3rd
  • Loaf sugar – sufficient quantity to sweeten

This child diet is the best diet and it can be used for the first six months, after which some food made of flour or meal may be combined.

In preparing artificial child diet it is very important to obtain pure milk. Don’t prefer the milk which is already skimmed or mixed with water and in warm weather just taken from the cow. Don’t mix water or sugar in the milk until wanted.

You have to make only the quantity that will be taken by your child at time. You don’t need to heat the milk over the fire, but let the water be in a boiling state when mixed with it, and thus given to the infant tepid or lukewarm.

As your child grows, increase the proportion of the milk in the child diet. This change is necessary after the second month, when three parts of milk to one of water may be allowed.

Don’t make any changes to your child diet if the health of your child is good and its appearance perceptibly improving. You have to introduce different kinds of foods to your child in her early life.

Only one kind of food is prepared by nature and it is impossible to disobey this law without marked injury.

You can give child diet in two ways. One way is by the spoon and the other is by the nursing bottle. Don’t use the first method in early stages of your child. The power of digestion in infants is very weak, and the child diet designed by the nature to be taken very slowly into the stomach.

In the process of sucking the breast a great quantity of saliva is secreted and being poured into the mouth, mixes with the milk and is swallowed with it. This process of nature should be followed as far as possible.

Your child swallows the child diet by sucking from the bottle and is a slow process and the suction employed secure the mixture of a due quantity of saliva. Saliva is important in the process of digestion.

Problems due to solid child diet in the early infant stage:

Most of the mothers think that child diet of lighter kind will not nourish your child. They introduce gruel, panada, biscuit-powder, and such matters in the early infant stage. This solid diet overloads your child stomach and cause indigestion, flatulence, and griping.

The solid diet creates a necessity for purgative medicine and carminatives, which again weakens digestion. Unnatural medication brings the problem which makes the use of medicines necessary.

If your child diet is in quality and quantity suited to their digestive power, no need of aid from physic or physician. Don’t forget that whatever kind of bottle is used, cleanliness is absolutely essential for your child’s health.


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