How To Prepare And Feed Baby Food Recipes?

Baby food recipeYou have to give balanced and nutritious diet so that your baby can be healthy.

You have to prepare the food with the baby food recipes that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals.

The solid baby food should be introduced at 4 or 6 months of age.

Some parents introduce the solid food at 4 months of age. But it is better to introduce the solid food to your baby at 6 months of age.

The baby food recipe should contain the fruits and vegetables. You have to introduce only one food first. After the introduction of first food, you have to wait for some days to introduce the other food.

By this process you can know whether your childsl is allergic to any food. In case of food allergy, you can change that food and introduce the other food.

The baby foods that are given to your baby should be highly strained or pureed. You can begin feeding your baby with the vegetables like sweet potato or butternut squash and fruits like avocado.

Baby food recipes:

Mashed fruit baby food recipe is the best and first weaning food for your baby. This can be digested easily by your child.

Mashed banana:

First the banana should be mashed and then milk is added to it. You have to start with quarter banana at first and then slowly increase the quantity till your baby accepts it.

Mashed and boiled apples:

You can also give apple instead of banana. Cut the apple into pieces and remove the center core. Mash the apple after boiling it. You can increase the quantity with half apple first.

The apple can lead to constipation in many children. In this situation, you can try other fruits like papaya.

Some seasonal fruits:

The other fruits like chikoo, mango and papaya are to be mashed, but the pears have to be prepared in the same manner as the apples. If your child constipates, then papaya helps to soften the stools.

Vegetables to be mashed and cooked well:

Preparation method

Boil the vegetables, mash them in blender and strain them. You have to strain the vegetables until the baby becomes 7 months. The straining is not needed after the 7 months as they contain the fiber that is nutritious and contain substances that are useful.

Feeding the baby with these baby food recipes:

After preparing the home made food, you have to take the tablespoon sized portion of the food to feed your baby. You can feed your baby with your fingers or a spoon. Before starting to feed your baby, you have to wash and clean your hands.

You can manage to feed ½ of the tablespoon portion at the beginning stage. Feed your baby with couple of spoons and then slowly increase the quantity.

The carrots, pumpkin and dark green leafy vegetables are very healthy to your baby. You should not fret, if your baby does not finish the food.

Feed the baby food recipes in proper way to provide good nutrition to your baby.


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