How to Feed Babies Until They Are 3 Months Old

To understand how to feed a baby, you need to do some research work. Babies require different things when their feeding time comes. This means that you need to acquaint yourself with the baby before starting to feed them so that when time comes, you are able to do the right thing. Without knowing how to feed babies, you cannot baby sit them.

Newborns may eat breast milk or formula milk. The formula may need mixing or pouring depending on the type of formula which is being used. Usually, breast milk is pumped in a bottle or a bag for convenient storage.

How to Feed BabyProgression of baby diet

One of the important aspects about how to feed a baby is to know when to give it to them. The formula will require warming depending on the preference of the parents.

Some parents might place the bottle inside hot water, whereas others may put it inside the microwave to ensure appropriate temperature.

To know how to feed babies, you should check with the temperature of the breast milk or formula milk before giving it to the little one. After a few ounces, it is important to burp them.

Parents will be instructed by the doctor about how much formula milk the kid should get and how often they need to be fed.

Once baby gets a little older, you may try giving them baby food or baby cereal which is to be administered with a baby spoon in small quantities to help the child swallow easily. Knowing the size of the portions is important when considering how to feed a baby. Baby cereal can be ideally mixed with breast milk or formula milk so that it looks like oatmeal. The label will tell you how much cereal should be mixed with the milk.

In learning how to feed babies, it is important to ensure that they receive the optimum amount of food. For this, you should consider the following:

  • The baby is lively, alert and active
  • The baby gains constant weight
  • The baby nurses 6 to 8 times a day
  • The baby urinates around 5 times and has a regular metabolism

You should know how to feed a baby by identifying the common signs. If the child is crying, irritable and feels hungry after a meal, it might be an indication of the fact that they are not receiving ample food. Contact your pediatrician to make the most of your child’s health. While exploring the possibilities of how to feed babies, you may notice a constant increase in your kids’ appetite. This increases the production of milk and within a few days the mother successfully adapts to the needs of the growing baby.

While exploring the options of how to feed a baby, you must know that the kid should receive a sufficient supply of Vitamin D and foods like water, solid foods and juice are not required. Learning how to feed babies gives you a positive insight on baby appetite so that they can stay fuller for a long time without waking up in between sleep.


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