How To Avoid A Feeding Baby Stimulating During Nighttime Feedings?

Feeding BabyAs your newborn baby grows, she slowly adjusts to sleeping at night and being awake during the day.

As your baby’s stomach grows, she holds more breast milk or formula and hence there will be longer periods at night between feeding baby.

Some of the experts said that feeding baby can get one third of nutrition at nighttime feedings.

This is important for babies of working moms who may take in less milk during the day.

Nursing your baby can help your feeding baby to avoid nighttime feedings. Most babies drift peacefully back to sleep after nursing.

If you give solid foods to your baby before going to bed helps babies to sleep through the night. Hence you can avoid feeding baby at nighttimes. This can only works those babies who are more than 4 months old.

About three months of age your feeding baby will probably sleep about 15 hours out of each 24-hour period, and two thirds of that sleep will take place during the night.

Most babies will have settled into a daily schedule of two or three sleep periods during the day, followed by “sleeping through the night” for 6 to 7 hours after a late-night feeding.

You can help your feeding baby by encouraging them to sleep at night by avoiding stimulation during nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

While breastfeeding it requires frequent eye and voice contact, so try to keep the lights low and oppose to play or talk with your feeding baby. This will reinforce the message that nighttime is for feeding.

Keep your baby’s door closed. Avoid the things which stimulate your infant such as, vocal older children, spouses and pets. Avoid the use of musical mobiles or toys as a way to lull your feeding baby to go back to sleep after nighttime feedings. This will also teach your children that nighttime is for sleeping.

Feeding baby nighttimes is also beneficial, because it balances the hormone level in the body, helping to ensure a good milk supply.

Some of the adults and excessively tired infants often have more difficulty in sleeping than those who have had an appropriate amount of sleep during the day. So, keep your baby aware of thinking anything, so that he or she will sleep better at night.

If your infant sleeps at standard intervals during the day, it will be easier to put them back down to sleep after nighttime feeding.


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