Hassle-Free Newborn Baby Feeding Techniques

Feeding a baby is one of the most challenging tasks of a mother or a parent. It would take knowledge and mastery to do the newborn baby feeding. This skill should be learned ahead of time of the parent,   aside from the fact that newborn baby feeding is also a skill honed and developed by the parent through time.

newborn baby feedingA parent has to know that there are certain ways and approaches in newborn baby feeding. The following are the different methods of newborn baby feeding:


Breastfeeding is a natural way of newborn baby feeding that would give the infant and the mother both a guarantee of an ideal and healthy way of nourishment. This method of newborn baby feeding is all natural so it would not cause any harm to your children.

Advantages of breastfeeding

  • There are a lot of nutritional good things that a newborn baby can get from breastfeeding. The vitamins and minerals that the baby needs in order to function properly can be taken from this newborn baby feeding method.
  • Breast milk is not expensive and no need for your money to feed your child. Since the milk comes from the mother, you do not need to buy them anywhere.
  • This method of newborn baby feeding gives maximum health protection and immunity to the infant through the milk coming from the mother.
  • Breast feeding would protect an infant from acquiring allergic reactions which could possibly be brought about by infant formulas or cow’s milk.
  • Breast feeding will create a special kind of emotional bond between a lactating mother and the infant.
  • Breast feeding also creates a different level of satisfaction to the mother in the aspect of healthy motherhood.

Disadvantages of breastfeeding

  • One disadvantage of breast feeding happens when the breast milk of the mother is not enough for the child. This does not happen usually and can be treated. The milk can be induced by changing the diet of the mother.
  • The baby may sometimes have problems in sucking the milk. This normally causes the baby to be dissatisfied and leave him or her still hungry and would result to tantrums.
  • You cannot feed your baby in public places when your baby is hungry and you are not at the comfort of your own home. It would be hard for you to feed your baby.


It is another way and mode of a newborn baby feeding. This newborn baby feeding method would require an infant milk formula and much expense from parents.

Advantages of formula feeding

  • Convenience probably is the greatest advantage of formula feeding. You can feed your child anywhere and anytime he or she is hungry.
  • Once you switch to formula feeding, the child can be left to the care of other family members or a baby sitter and the mother can still go to work.
  • Babies who are formula fed usually ask for milk less often because formula milk is not easily digestible.

Disadvantages of formula feeding

  • Unlike breast milk, formula milk needs preparation before you can feed your child. It takes time before you can attend to his or her needs because of the preparation process.
  • There are a lot of nutritional factors that are lacking in formula milk that one can get from breast feeding.
  • Money matters in this method of feeding.  Formula milk needs to be bought and tends to be expensive.


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